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Having been internal at a number of fast growing startups, I understand how important hiring is, and how working with a bad agency can often be more counter-productive than intended. It's my aim to make the experience of using an agency efficient and hassle free. I have been a part of teams where diversity hiring was a huge part of the recruitment team's job, and as such have gained considerable experience in finding candidates through non-conventional channels.

For all of my clients, I'm committed to building a relationship based on trust and relevance, ensuring that I don't send wildly inaccurate profiles or even send across too many profiles until the ones I've sent have been reviewed.


I have found that the most effective recruiters are the ones that allow hiring managers to go about their day to day roles, knowing comfortably that recruitment is being taken care of. I pride myself on being ready to provide updates when needed, as well as being approachable and able to gather the correct details from hiring managers and internal recruitment teams, so that I can act as a helpful partner to the business, and use my experience of technical recruitment to ease the stresses of having an understaffed team.


Client satisfaction

Detailed gathering of your requirements

Experience hiring based on skills and behavioural add

Considered, non-disruptive communication

Experience scaling UK startups

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